3 Ways to Protect Your Small Business from Cyber-Attacks

by Jawad Jamil | Sep 12, 2018
Protect Your Small Business from Cyber-Attacks

According to Norton SMB Cyber Security Survey 2017, one in four Australian SMBs experienced a cyber-attack in 2017.  That’s an increase as one-in-every-five SMBs experienced an attack in 2016.

One of the ways to keep your business protected against cyber-attacks is to stay updated about the latest cybersecurity technology.

Cybersecurity has advanced in some key areas which include multifactor authentication (MFA), encryption and connection. Here we will give a detailed account of how the advancement of these technologies signals better protection for your business.

Multifactor authentication

The wide range of authentication methods available to your business today includes passwords, biometric, hardware and software token, behavioral intelligence, Push and SMS authentication. However, MFA is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

A good way to start using thing technology more is to first examine the outcome you’re seeking to achieve. Secondly, verify that your proposed MFA solution matches well with the way you intend to use the technology.

It’s imperative to remember that your solution should account for the future development of your business. Lastly, you shouldn’t over-complicate the procedure by introducing too many factors of authentication.


Encryption protects your business’s data by scrambling your plaintext into nonsensical text that’s only restorable for staff members with the right key.

It is predicted to play an increasingly significant role in securing the communications and data storage of businesses. It is a good idea to consult with relevant stakeholders and make decisions about who needs access. Then make policy with the most appropriate encryption technology.

Dell Encryption Personal offers comprehensive security protection for small businesses. It supports hassle-free compliance management with touch-compliance policy templates and quick system recovery, encrypts all data and encrypts based on user profiles and data sensitivity.

Your encryption setup is a big factor in your IT decisions if you appreciate the value of your data.


In this era of technology and innovation, there’s every chance the employees in your business are working remotely today. One thing this shows is that employee’s connection to the Internet is no longer an issue that IT leaders need to manage solely in the physical workplace.

Dell conducted research that highlighted a high incidence of workers who share information in insecure environments, opening businesses up to risk. Under sharing date is counterproductive but the challenge for IT decision makers is to instill confidence in workforces and their customers that they can share data securely.

There are usable solutions for SMBs. Dell Endpoint Security Suite offers a range of supportive components including advanced threat prevention, data protection solutions and endpoint management. This makes it possible for you to securely run your business while still enabling users to embrace connection through bring-your-own-device (BYOD), sharing data in public cloud services and workforce mobility.

It won’t be wrong to say this: cybersecurity is an issue for businesses of all sizes.



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