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Vulnerability Assessment

If you have a system that is connected to the internet, it is bound to have security loopholes no matter how much you have invested in your network security. There is no way for you to be 100% secure when connected to the internet, but you can get close to that with our team of vulnerability assessment experts.

What is Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment is the process of identifying, classifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems. This assessment is conducted to provide the system owners information about the threats to their infrastructure’s security and equip them with the knowledge on how to effectively minimize those threats. This requires use of some automated tools as well as manual testing, The results can be shared in the form of a vulnerability report.

Types of Vulnerability Assessment we Offer

  • Network Based Scans These types of scans are mostly used to identify potential risks on network security.
  • Host Based Scans These types of scans are used to identify vulnerabilities in workstations, servers, or other local hosts. It is similar to network based scans but provides a deeper insight into configuration settings.
  • Wireless Network Scans These are usually carried out on wireless network infrastructure of an organization by checking for areas susceptible to potential attacks. It also helps to ensure whether a company’s wireless configuration is secure.
  • Application Scans These are used to check software vulnerabilities and configuration errors on web or network application.
  • Database Scans These are used to identify weak points in database and prevent the system from malicious attacks such as SQL injection attacks etc.

What You Will Get in Vulnerability Assessment?

  • Gives you a clear picture of your system’s security loopholes
  • Helps you prevent a breach in system security by providing a complete system scan report
  • Saves your system from being at risk of malicious activity
  • Helps you pinpoint problem areas and fix them before an attack occurs