Penetration testing for full protection

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White Box Testing

White box testing is conducted for both internal & external environments to access internal threats in the company. For this, the company provides us with the list of internal assets and the credentials, e.g If Windows Active Directory is being used, a Domain Controller account etc. Based on this information we try to locate vulnerabilities in the system’s security.

Black Box Testing

Black box testing is a technique where our team attempts to gain access to your application / infrastructure / wireless the same way malicious attackers do in case your asset is vulnerable. The only information which is provided is the name of the company and IP address just to stay on the scope. This type of testing gives you an idea about the most real-world threats.

Hybrid Testing

Hybrid testing technique is an amalgam of white box and black box techniques and follows the same process. First black box testing is performed whatever our team isn’t able to identify or gain access to is covered in the white box testing.

Mode of Testing we Offer

There are two ways we can perform penetration testing for your company :

External / Remote Network Penetration Testing

In this mode of testing, the testing is done based on the publicly available resources of your network which may harm your system’s security. The test entails a detailed analysis of your servers, routers, firewalls and applications. The test is carried out by attacking your publicly accessible information followed by network enumeration.

Network enumeration is used to help target network security related systems and hosts etc. After this, assessment of open portals and services is done until the testing unit has sufficient information to control the environment. Then attacks are carried out on the environment until the testing unit can get hold of it completely.

Internal / On-Site Network Penetration Testing

This type of testing is done to make sure that all internet related activities being carried out on premise are done safely. It has similar functionality as external testing, but in this scenario the testing takes places within the WAN at physical zone or attached DMZ or at logical management zone.

For this type of testing, in-depth knowledge of system areas is needed which includes and is not limited to policy, architecture, implementation etc. We offer a team of expert skilled in each knowledge area making Digitally secure the best choice for you to get penetration testing services from.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

  • Helps you find security loopholes in the system
  • Provides detailed information on the security risks and vulnerabilities of your system
  • Keeps your system protected from potential hackers
  • Verification and testing of existing security features
  • Provides a full report on existing issues, improvements and possible attacks that you can prepare for